Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Rowdy Reader

Anyone else out there have a rowdy reader?  Rowdy in terms of lively, wiggly and fidgety?

This is more of a conversation starter than an enlightening post.

As you can see I have a bit of a "rowdy reader" on my hands.  Just thought I'd snap some pics of her doing her daily reading after school to show my hubby (he doesn't get to see it much as he gets home later) and thought it might be a good chance to jump back into the blog.

I haven't heard many complaints from her teachers (yet!) but I must admit I fear the future when focused study for prolonged periods becomes very important.  Fortunately for her there are some very open minds out there and many schools in our area have adopted "wiggle" seat cushions, foot rest stretch bands and even individual exercise balls.  Let's hope that's all it takes!

And now that I look at these pics again, I'm sure you're thinking the same thing as me, "I wouldn't want to sit at that hard wooden table either! No wonder she's hanging!" and while we do a good chunk of reading together in bed or on the couch, I like to have her do her independent reading for at least 15 minutes to me right after school so we don't get cut short by whiny little brothers, a late bedtime pushed back by some activity or company, so I'm usually in the kitchen preparing dinner when this all occurs.

My questions are:

Teachers: How do you make your "jumpy" junior or "snaky" senior high students focus on the reading at hand? 

Parents: Have you chatted with your child's teacher about where they read at home?...which room, what type of chair, and how long they'll read at one time?