Monday, 9 March 2015

Goo Gone Goodness

Goo Gone is good. 

Goo Gone possibly saved my daughter from potential harm.  If I were a lesser woman, I may have said things I shouldn't have said.  I'm not sure that I am not that lesser woman, but I am sure that after foolishly letting my 6 year old daughter "have her way" with her third-row backseat window, I may have very well have lost my mind. 

And really, it would have been my own fault.  

After all, I gave her the sticker book.  Or, a very well-meaning mall Santa Claus did, but I condoned it.  Then, I let her sit all by her sweet-little self in the very back of the vehicle. Then, I saw how amused she was and I sat in glorious silence for a fairly peaceful 20 minutes, all the while knowing she was systematically peeling off sticker after adhesive sticker and decorating her window. 
Before Goo Gone
It wasn't until her brothers asked why THEY couldn't decorate their windows that I knew I must take those stickers away and remove them immediately if I wanted my vehicle to retain any amount of dignity. 

So, I kindly asked her to take them off.  

"You stuck them on there, you can take them off."  
"Oh, they don't come off?"  
"Lucky you, we have an hour's drive to your gymnastics lesson, you can work at it!"

And in her defense she did.
Or she tried anyway.  Itty-bitty corners came off and tiny scraps of colorful paper littered her backseat for weeks.

Time went by.

And maybe some more time went by.

And the car likely froze in the winter's chill and heated up in summer's sun and that lovely adhesive goo that makes stickers so cool anywhere else but my windows...just got that much goo-ier. Sticker.  Uglier. 

And so, one fateful day, armed with hairspray, goo gone, a razor blade and paper towels (and a little Rocky soundtrack playing in my head), I finally attacked the window.  This was no longer a child's fight and I had to put an end to it all.  Swiftly and concisely.

I started with the hairspray and let it soak for about half an hour.  I slowly and methodically sliced away at the sticker with my blade until I could get a grasp of the paper.  They peeled, but it wasn't until the Goo Gone made it's debut did my window actually come clean.  Un-gooey.  Residue-free. Clear.

After Goo Gone

This is definitely a product I can stand behind.  I don't have to buy it a lot but I don't ever want to run out of it.  After the sticker fiasco and I'm proud to say I'm a pretty quick learner and have not had to repeat that cleaning task, I probably use it the most to take labels off of plastic containers that I want to re-use.  I love those nut containers from Costco-turned canisters.   

How pretty is this from Lisa at Lewisville Love?   

She says she uses a blowdryer to get the labels off, but I stand by my Goo Gone.   It's simple, it's good.  It's Goo Gone.

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