Teacher Preachings

We'll see how many visits this page gets and if I come back next week and feel this tab title is off-putting.  The section will stay in some shape or form (I do feel it's content is valuable), but truthfully, I am still not sure what it is entirely meant to look and feel like.  But again with the puddle-jumping-feet-first...I felt I just had to do it and get it out there.

Admittedly, many will find the word preaching offensive - who wants to be preached at?  ME, ME (hand waving emphatically back and forth in the hair)!  Right, OK, I'll visit this link then and get an earful of just how many mistakes I've made, how bad my kid is and how perfect the teachers are!  Sign me up! 

Or maybe you are interested in the dark side but you are still a little nervous at any communication that comes from a teacher in regards to your child.  After all, your kid is strong-willed or talkative, easily distracted or disinterested...if a teacher has anything to say about your kid...it's not going to be good.  You'd rather not be preached at thank you very much...you've heard it all before.

OK OK...I get it, but maybe, just maybe, this title will at least cause you to click, in the way that every poor, distasteful marketing ploy works.  C'mon, we're all marketing savvy, but that doesn't stop us from trying out "|No No" or ordering the "Slap Chop"!  You know, like a bad accident, you really don't want to know what happened, but when it's right in front of you on the highway you can't help but slow down and rubberneck.  My hope is that something does catch your eye here, because I was actually really careful about the content posted.  There are many things I've deleted already and switched around and read and re-read to be sure that I wasn't actually preaching to you, but hopefully offering some constructive advice. Remember, I am a parent too, albeit a young inexperienced one, so I try really hard to sympathize with all the mother-bears out there.

Let's be honest, I like the title because it sort of rhymes.

Teacher Preachings it is.

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